Rugby India Rules For Club Rugby Competitions

These rules will be strictly enforced during the season


1.      CONTROL


All matches including non-competition games shall be under the control of the Regional Associations and all entries shall be subject to its approval.  The Regional Associations shall have the power to classify the various clubs, teams and players to arrange dates, times and venues for matches in the various grades and to deal with all questions arising out of the same.




All games shall be played under the laws of the game and in accordance with the International Rugby Board rules.  Any changes to these shall be notified to Clubs by IRFU and Regional Association where applicable.




(a)           All players playing for an affiliated club or school in each region will be required to complete an IRFU registration form for each playing season.  Completed forms are to be returned to the Regional RDM within three (3) weeks of the commencement of any competition, and in any event no later than 15 June in any year.


(b)           Any additional registrations which occur after the 15 June must be forwarded to the Rugby Development Manager by noon on the Thursday prior to the next competition game before the Player can play.


(c)           Any Club playing un-registered players shall forfeit the match and the

                   maximum points (5 or 4) shall be awarded to the opposing team.


(d)           Clubs failing to furnish team/player registration forms by the due date

                   may be fined


(e)           Each Club must submit squad lists to the regional Rugby Development Managers (or delegated person) by the start of any tournament that club is playing in any season.


(f)            A duplicate copy of team registrations is to be retained by Team

                   Management that is to be available for inspection at all games.


(g)           Checks will be made on team registrations to determine any 

                   duplication.  Where dual registration occurs, proof of current 

                   transfers will be required.




              Player Eligibility


(a)           A player of Indian origin residing in India eligible for an Indian passport

                   shall be considered a local player.


(b)           A player of foreign descent and holding a foreign passport shall be

                  deemed a foreign player.


(c)           A foreign player shall be deemed a local player only after proof is

                   provided of 5 years continued residence within India.


(d)           Only 4 foreign players are to be included in any match squad of 22 (stripped down into playing gear) with 2 foreign players on the field at any one time.   A team may have any number of foreign players in its greater training squad


(e)           A player whom registers for a club in any season is deemed to be a player of that club for the entire season. This registration applies to regional and national competitions and tournaments apart from state of origin tournaments where state of birth or family shall take precedent i.e Interstate 7s and national games 7s.




(a)           With the exception of players who last played for a school, all players wishing   to transfer from their current club to another Club must obtain a written clearance on the prescribed form, from the Club with whom they last registered stating that such Club has consented to their transfer.


(b)           Any Player who transfers from one Club to another from within India must have a written clearance on the prescribed form, from their former Club.  This rule also relates to players who have a Club and start with another the following year.  It also relates to players who transfer within the region or country for any reason. i.e. change of residence.


(c)           If a Player takes the field for a particular Club at any stage during the season and wishes to transfer to another Club, this Player must get a written clearance from his previous Club.  Players returning to a Club that they have previously been a playing member of must still complete a transfer form if they have played rugby for an alternative Club within India in the interim.


(d)          Where a transfer is requested after the third (3) week of the commencement of any season, for approval to be given, the transfer form must be received by the Rugby Development Manager at least seven (7) days prior to a decision being made.  A transfer will not automatically be given; there will have to be exceptional circumstances for the Regional Body/IRFU to allow late transfers.


(e)           If a player has not played any rugby for a Club in the previous year (has a full year off) there will be no requirement to transfer from his previous club.  Courtesy still remains to contact that former Club to ensure the player has not played for a full year.


(f)     Players transferring require:


1.            A signed release from the present club.  Players must be a registered

                  member of their clubs before transfers will be allowed.


2.            Approval from the Regional Bodies/IRFU.  Applications must be

                  returned to the Regional Bodies 48 hours before players are able to 



(g)          Teams may lose competition points if residential or transfer conditions

                  are not observed.


(h)          The onus is on the Club to ensure all new players have an official

                  clearance prior to playing.


(i)           That a monetary penalty may be imposed in addition to any other





(a)           Prior to the commencement of a match the referee MUST be supplied by the management of each Team a Team Card on a form approved by the Regional Associations.


(b)           The Team Card must contain the Surname and Initial of the Players   corresponding with their jersey numbers and their positions. Please Note:  The accuracy and legibility of the information is important.  Repeat offending will be penalised.


(c)           If Team Cards are not supplied then the offending Team may forfeit the match with the maximum points (5 or 4) being awarded to their opponents.  If both sides fail to supply Team Cards each side will count a loss and Maximum points (5 or 4) will be deducted from their respective competition flag point’s total.


(d)           Recording of score:  Home Clubs (or first named team in the draw) will be responsible for forwarding the scores to the official result keeper.  The results are to be forwarded to the Regional Development Manager. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes