IRFU Rules For Disciplinary Hearings

Regional Rugby Union Disciplinary Committees and Procedures

Regional Union Disciplinary Committees

Each region shall set up a disciplinary committee “the Committee” which shall have the power to act in the name of the region to hear and determine proceedings within its jurisdiction in the following circumstances

a.    Where a player is ordered off the playing enclosure
b.    Where a report is received from a referee pursuant to part 3 of section section2 of these rules
c.    Where there is misconduct other than on the playing field
d.    Where a player is required to appear before the committee under the sin bin procedure hereafter prescribed

A member of the committee who is a member of the same club as the player or person, against whom disciplinary proceedings are taken, the victim player or complainant, shall not be a member of the committee which hears and determines those disciplinary proceedings and shall not attend the hearing

Part 1

Ordering off

Where a player is ordered off the playing enclosure in a match under the control of that region the referee shall within 48 hours of the completion of the game, or such further time as is necessary in the circumstances ,send to the Rugby Development Manager for the region and the secretary of the region  win the region in which the match is played a written report incorporating

a. The date of the match, the venue, and the teams participating • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes