How to play XVs

Why play XVs?

In this format of the game the players are spilt into two groups namely – Forwards and Backs. The two teams play 40 minutes a half. Being the longest format of the game, players are required to be tactful and have and have certain physical attributes in order to excel.

Requires Strength and Endurance

This style requires a lot of strength for scrums, rucks and since the matches are more than 60 minutes it requires superior endurance as well

Is a game of Synergy and Set Pieces

Understanding of teammates’ playing styles and anticipating their moves is crucial along with a mastery of lineouts and scrums for gaining territorial advantage

Tackling and Spatial Awareness

Both the technique and the willingness to tackle are crucial in this game, as well as understanding the positioning of teammates and opponents on the field.

Get into Rugby


A variation of Rugby with minimal body contact so that players can focus more on handling skills,

Rugby 7s

In this variation of the sport, teams are made up of seven players who will play seven-minutes a half.