How to play 7s

Why play 7s?

LIn this variation of the sport, teams are made up of seven players who will play seven-minutes a half. This faster and more dynamic version of Rugby requires quick decision making and provides more options to score. Administered by World Rugby, 7s was introduced as an Olympic sport for the first time in the year 1924.

It’s fast and agile

Players needs to be fast in order to outrun their opponents with quick changes in directions. Use sharp turns for evading tackles and breaking through defences

Skilful passing and offloading

Skillful passing is required to maintain ball possession and keep the game flowing


A mix of players are required to man multiple positions to add depth to the team and to increase tactical options.

Get into Rugby


A variation of Rugby with minimal body contact so that players can focus more on handling skills,

Rugby XVs

In this format of the game the players are spilt into two groups namely – Forwards and Backs.