How to play Touch

Why play Touch?

A variation of Rugby with minimal body contact so that players can focus more on handling skills, without the risk of injuries. This form of Rugby is introduced to younger players at grassroots, to help them start learning the sport.

It’s fast and fun

It is fast and fun: This format requires quick reaction time and support from the whole team.

Perfect for all ages & abilities

Perfect for all ages: This format is suitable for all age groups because of the safe nature of the game

Safe, without any bumps and bruises

As the game only requires tagging the opponent with both the hands, the amount of physical contact is minimal

Get into Rugby

Rugby 7s

In this variation of the sport, teams are made up of seven players who will play seven-minutes a half.

Rugby XVs

In this format of the game the players are spilt into two groups namely – Forwards and Backs.